Using Data to Transform our Homes

Request2Action is a programme across eight European countries. Our focus is on how data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) can be used to promote home energy efficiency. We are piloting new approaches to make EPC data useful for governments, private companies and individuals. Then, building from our pilot projects, we are creating national home energy data hubs. Read more

In the spotlight

Energy accounting project

Since April 2013, Land Salzburg has been supporting online energy accounting via the ZEUS database. The goal is to be able to compare the energy required for space heating and hot water as calculated in the energy performance certificate directly with the actual consumption.

Simulation Tools

A simulation software or tool is usually based on the process of modelling a real situation with a set of calculations and assists one in understanding complex systems and decision-making. It helps to examine if the situation or condition changes, how the results would differ.
There are a number of simulation tools in Austrian market; here a few of them are introduced.

Home Energy Check Tools in Austria

The Home Energy Check tools are supporting instruments for home owners or tenants to examine the saving potentials of an apartment or a house. Every home is different and a number of assumptions about the home and family living in are usually taken into account to put together the advice in these tools. It’s therefore important to know that these tools don’t replace an energy expert or expert installer before deciding to purchase any new energy saving measure.