Request 2 Action

About Request2Action

The Request2Action project was an initiative deployed within the European Commission, IEE programme (2014-2017), that involved nine European countries, focused on prompting the use of the data available in the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), alongside other data, to promote home energy efficiency.

The Request to Action project has come to an end!

It has been an exciting journey around the several Energy Performance Certificate Systems in Europe, sharing experiences among partners on how to take the most out of the EPC information, to help home owners pursue energy retrofit activities in their homes.

The result was the development, and put into motion, of several Retrofit Action Hubs, web platforms that provide one stop shop for house owners to have guidance on the most adequate energy efficiency measures for their homes, the solutions available in the market and the professionals that can help them.

Retrofit action hubs, maximising the effectiveness and wider use of EU Energy Performance Certificates

The challenges around urban retrofit, in particular the ones faced by private dwellers as long been in debate at EU level.

How to foster energy retrofit activities? Can the dwelling energy performance certificate help? How to promote the information in the EPC and support the dweller’s retrofit decision process? What are the barriers hindering dwellers decision to adopt energy efficiency retrofit measures?

Eandis, Infrax and EnergyVille: together for a market uptake of energy renovation at residential buildings

Energy renovation of residential buildings takes a step forward in Flanders. Today, the two regional DSOs, Eandis and Infrax, announced the adoption of the City Portal within their BENOveren campaign. The City Portal is a web-tool which enables the DSOs to define tailor-made subsidies and promote collective renovations at a glance.

Flemish Retrofit to Action Hub, coming up soon

The Flemish hub is designed as a knowledge platform for stimulating policy makers and energy solutions service providers. The hub will collect and provide information on the situation of the building stock and the owners’ intention of renovation. These informations are key for the policy makers to enhance policy, incentives and subsidies programmes from the one side and to the refurbishment market on the other side. So far, this type of information is not available for these stakeholders.