Eandis, Infrax and EnergyVille: together for a market uptake of energy renovation at residential buildings

Energy renovation of residential buildings takes a step forward in Flanders. Today, the two regional DSOs, Eandis and Infrax, announced the adoption of the City Portal within their BENOveren campaign. The City Portal is a web-tool which enables the DSOs to define tailor-made subsidies and promote collective renovations at a glance.

To collect the necessary data, households are invited to “put their dwelling in the map”. With that purpose, Eandis, Infrax and EnergyVille launch eandis.zetjewoningopdekaart.be and infrax.zetjewoningopdekaart.be. These online tools contain a short questionnaire that provides owners or residents with insight into savings and improvement opportunities in terms of energy consumption.

In addition, the tool also offers useful tips and tricks to save costs and gives more information about the specific BENOveren measures that can improve the state of their home. Furthermore, in the near future, interested people will receive the guidance of a BENOveren coach and the opportunity to join a collective BENOvatie project.

After filling out a four-step questionnaire, households can discover whether their energy consumption is lower or higher than the average. The tool works very easily; initially, the type of property is asked: open, semi-open or closed housing, roof or apartment on another floor. Then the current situation: have the roof or exterior facade been insulated? What type of heating is there? The final step is to enter the energy consumption of the dwelling and leave the contact details.

Living in Flanders? Join us for a better energy renovation support! Over 3.100 residential dwellings are already “in the map”.

Read the press release: here