Energy accounting project

Since April 2013, Land Salzburg has been supporting online energy accounting via the ZEUS database. The goal is to be able to compare the energy required for space heating and hot water as calculated in the energy performance certificate directly with the actual consumption.

The energy accounting module of the ZEUS database makes it possible to create data records for buildings with any number of meters for energy generation (e.g. solar-thermal energy or heat pumps) and energy consumption (e.g. of fossil fuels, district heating or electricity). When adding a meter, the system asks for which purpose the energy is used. For electricity consumption, e.g., users can choose from space heating, water heating and household or operating energy, or select several purposes. Once a meter has been created, the readings must be updated in the database at regular intervals, at minimum every six months. The data can be entered by individuals or property management companies, or updated automatically via an interface where the daily meter readings are sent by e-mail.

As an incentive for the categories of detached, semi-detached and low multi-family residential buildings, participants receive higher direct subsidies for innovative climate-relevant building technology systems. The applicant must provide meter readings no less than every six months over a period of three years for the subsidised system (either photovoltaics installation (“PV”) or heat pump).

The branching of meters in the distribution and utilisation sections is flexible. There might be one electricity meter for a multi-family building as a whole plus additional electricity meters for each dwelling unit. In such cases, the energy accounting system uses mathematical operators that allow the user to define whether meter readings should be added (default setting), ignored or subtracted.