Flemish Retrofit to Action Hub, coming up soon

The Flemish hub is designed as a knowledge platform for stimulating policy makers and energy solutions service providers. The hub will collect and provide information on the situation of the building stock and the owners’ intention of renovation. These informations are key for the policy makers to enhance policy, incentives and subsidies programmes from the one side and to the refurbishment market on the other side. So far, this type of information is not available for these stakeholders.

The Hub is composed of a public website and a users’ website for the visualization of the information. The public website aims at collecting the Hub information. Every household accessing the public website will be able to state the situation of his home and his intentions regarding refurbishment measures. This is done in a few clicks on a graphic-based website.

Figure 1: Snapshots of the public website for the collection of household information.

In the visualization website, policy makers and service providers will have access to this information in a user friendly manner based on a GIS based map. Confidentiality issues are taken into account and sensitive data is aggregated when the user does not have the right of detailed visualization. The visualization website has not yet been made public. Commercialization