The results of Request2Action pilot projects are now coming to reality

In the scope of WP3, about how to make data useful to stakeholders, two project partners presented preliminary results in two different frameworks.

ENEA presented their Data Hub project in a Workshop on "Methodologies and instruments supporting Local Energy Planning", held in Turin last April. The Pilot output (DIPENDE - Database Integrato per la Pianificazione ENergetica dei Distretti E dilizi) is an integrated dataset and an analysis model combining estimated building performance data from EPCs, with bottom-up information on recent energy services and products installations and housing status, which can be used as a tool to support decision making at regional and municipal level. To date DIPENDE has been delivered and implemented for Lombardy region only, but the prospective for wider applications is enabled by the present legislative context. The aim is to facilitate analysis and visualization of the energy performance of the building stock: for public authorities, to enhance control, monitoring, planning and, for private actors, to establish marketing and business strategies.

Link for Presentation PDFs: DIPENDE - Database Integrato per la Pianificazione Energetica dei Distretti Edilizi (in italian language)
EST (Energy Saving Trust) presented some outputs of their pilot project in the CA-EPBD meeting ( held in Vilnius in the end of May. EST has a very strong relationship with the Scottish Government and administers the EPC Register for Scotland. In this sense, the pilot project will demonstrate the viability of an approach to using the EPC register and home analytics as a powerful information resource for private sector market actors. The output will be a demonstration of the viability of producing targeting maps which show where homes are in need of key energy efficiency measure. Some of results and tracked information is already available in the presentation.

Link for Presentation PDFs: Using EPCs to target retrofit funding and programmes