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Best practice and practical advice on building home energy efficiency advice tools

October 30, 2015

Want to know the outcomes and discussions from a best practice seminar on online energy efficiency advice tools?
This report highlights different online energy efficiency advice tools that we believe represent the state of the art in this technology and can therefore be used to guide future versions of such tools.

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How can online tools help consumers identify improvement measures?

August 17, 2015

Online advice tools are growing in importance as a way to help householders understand how to improve their homes with energy efficiency on their minds.

As we understand more about our housing stocks across Europe, we need to find ways to communicate often quite complex information to consumers in a digestible way – which is what this tools aim to do.

Request2Action featured at the IEA’s Energy in Buildings and Communities conference

August 17, 2015

Request2Action was brought up at last IEA’s Energy in Buildings and Communities conference, on the 17th of June.

One of its developing hubs was given as an example of how to use Energy Performance Certificates to create an Energy Efficiency tool for consumers.

Rui Fragoso, from ADENE - Portuguese Energy Agency, delivered a speech on “The Past, the Present and the Future”, revealing how Portugal is implementing the EU Directive on the Energy Performance of Buildings.

4th November workshops resume

November 14, 2014

On the 4th November, two workshops were held under the scope of Request2Action (Intelligent Energy Europe Project), on the topics of “Online Energy Efficiency Advice Tools” and “Using EPCs Databases – turning data into action”.

The workshops were attended by 42 participants from 11 countries, representatives of 14 energy agencies, 8 universities and research institutions, 3 governmental organisationsand 5 private enterprises, which gave a very good feedback of the event.

Using EPC databases – turning data into action

October 6, 2014

Europe has impressive ambitions
for a nearly zero energy transformation of its housing stock. EPCs are key to realising those ambitions.
EPC databases/registers are now in place across most EU countries. These databases, coupled with advancements in ‘big data’ technology, statistical analysis and GIS mapping, have the power to transform our delivery of energy saving programmes.

Online home energy efficiency advice tools

October 6, 2014

Help householders understand the potential for energy efficiency improvements in their homes.

Governments and businesses are increasingly developing online tools to help householders understand the potential for energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

Welcome to the new Request2Action website

October 3, 2014

The main change is our nice updated logo

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