About Request2Action

The Request2Action project was an initiative deployed within the European Commission, IEE programme (2014-2017), that involved nine European countries, focused on prompting the use of the data available in the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), alongside other data, to promote home energy efficiency.

Governments, organisations, private companies and individual households all have a different role to play in making Europe's homes energy efficient. Each of these groups can benefit from better data about the opportunity for energy saving - how much can different types of homes save by installing different energy efficiency measures? Information collected in the preparation of EPC are a rich source of data and Request2Action particularly worked to make this data widely available.

The Request2Action involved the deployment of pilot projects focused on the following areas:

  1. Monitoring the uptake of EPC recommendations
  2. Enhancing self-assessment advice for householders - how much can I save in MY home
  3. Providing effective data from EPCs to different organisations and companies, who need to understand the energy saving opportunity in their country or region
  4. Developing national hubs that will make data available and provide other relevant information and link supply & demand side stakeholders

The partners involved in Request2Action were the national energy agencies (or equivalent) for Italy, Portugal, Austria, Scotland, Greece, Poland, Netherlands and Slovakia. The leading Belgian technical agency, VITO, is also a partner.