Data hubs

Leader: VITO

In consultation with a wide group of European stakeholders, Request2Action develops and discusses concepts for online data and information Hubs on housing renovation. Four existing renovation action Hubs are upgraded and improved in Italy, Greece, Portugal and the UK. A fifth Hub is developed from scratch in Belgium.

Business plans are developed as well, in order to make these Hubs financially self-sustaining in the long run.

The experiences gathered during the development of these Hubs are shared with the wider European community. Each of the five Hub pilots is different and key findings from the different approaches are evaluated. Request2Action aims to transfer these findings and learnings and facilitate the implementation of similar Hub concepts in other EU countries.

The data and insight hubs can serve the following main functions:

  • An online market place to connect demand and supply side actors, providing a meeting place and information resource for building owners to engage with trades people and providers of financing solutions.
  • knowledge platform for key actors such as trades federations, financiers, policy makers, aimed at engaging key actors to get actively involved in the development and promotion of structural solutions tailored to the market actors that they represent.
  • A monitoring platform for refurbishment activities on the basis of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) data, enabling governments, energy agencies and supply side actors to act in an effective, targeted way to stimulate and offer market solutions and to bring the supply chain together around EPCs.

During the Hub test phase in 2015-2016, the preliminary versions of the Hubs are tested and improved on the basis of stakeholder and user feedback, after which the Hubs will be formally launched mid-2016.