Making data useful & home self-assessment tools

Leader: Energy Saving Trust

We will support the development of enhanced self-assessment advice around Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for householders – building on transnational best practice.  On the other hand, this will enable the development of "optimised information" that can form a model for how aggregated EPC and other retrofit data can be presented in different, useful formats for each of the key market actors - landlords, local and regional government, investors, tradespeople.

Key objectives:

  • engage market actors (on both demand and supply side) to use data from EPCs
  • widen housing data criteria  to comprise the opportunity of  low carbon retrofit;
  • develop new tools and data frameworks and show how monitoring data developed in Work package 2 can be deployed for different market actors - Tools or frameworks developed can function as standalone or be integrated into Hubs that partners are creating.

Target audiences:

  • householders/consumers and 
  • supply chain, investors and local authorities. 

The impact of improved Home Energy Check tools will be evaluated through overall usage figures and a websurvey. The supply-chain information will be evaluated through stakeholder evaluation/validation workshops.

The Energy Saving Trust evaluation expert (who is also in charge of evaluating the overall project) will co-ordinate gathering of evaluation data for this part of the project.