Project co-ordination

Leader: Energy Saving Trust

UK’s Energy Saving Trust is responsible for the co-ordination of the overall project. The role of the Management Team is to ensure appropriate governance through systems and processes, as well as managing risk and quality control on the project. Based on the experience of managing the REQUEST project, in Request2Action the Energy Saving Trust is introducing a buddying system so that each partner will be given an opportunity to share their findings and deal with issues as they arise with a designated partner.

Effective co-ordination and project management are vital to the success of Request2Action and will be an on-going activity throughout the duration of the project. The key objectives are:

  • provide effective management control and strategic direction of the project
  • ensure the project achieves its objectives
  • ensure all work packages, milestones and deliverables are completed as planned, within the timescales and budget
  • ensure a well organised co-ordination and promote the exchange of information between the partners 

 Co-ordination and project management main features are:

  • A focus on challenge and support between project partners, including through organised “buddying” between pairs of project partners
  • Strong systems for risk control and quality management
  • Focusing on an expeditious management: for example, co-ordination meetings will be carefully scheduled to align with project deliverables or other European events
  • A nominated evaluation expert that ensures continuous monitoring and evaluation on all  work packages