Review and Research

The “review and research” phase of the REQUEST programme aimed to identify best practices across Europe for increasing the uptake of EPC recommendations and promoting an integrated supply chain for low-carbonrenovation. In total, 103 existing case studies were identified and analysed – 84 from the REQUEST partner countries and 19 from non-participating countries (EU and beyond). 36 of these were considered best practice and can be viewed in the best practice summary table below

Most of the research was carried out through a questionnaire that was completed by the project partners for their own country. Questions to REQUEST partners were directed at identifying available tools and assessing their impact but also focused on:

  • The role of EPCs in EPBD implementation,
  • Communication tools and incentives to promote the uptake of EPC recommendations
  • Key national policies and programmes to promote low carbon renovation
  • Evaluation surveys and feedback on problems perceived by REQUEST stakeholders

This allowed us to describe the context in which tools are used; to identify the trades involved in low carbon renovation (click to download), and to highlight the different roles of Energy Agencies.

For non-participating countries, case studies of approaches taken to promote integrated supply chains for low-carbon renovation were collected either by Energy Agencies from non-participating countries completing a short questionnaire or on the basis of information available in recent publications and on the internet.

A detailed description of all the best practice case studies, along with the selection criteria and a summary of their analysis can be found in the Best Practices Report - Deliverable 2.2 (click to download).

During the case study analysis, particular areas for learning or improvement became clear (e.g. reference to further information in EPCs, training, and quality control/inspection). To find out more about these please go to: lessons learned from common and best practices page

All information acquired in the survey has been organised and managed in a database containing at present: 25 tools and techniques for promoting the uptake of EPC recommendations, 89 tools on quality in the supply chain for low carbon renovation and a dozen tools promoting both aspects. Access to the database is password protected and restricted to Energy Agencies and relevant parties (e.g. Universities and research institutions). Please click here request access to the database.

To search for a best practice in the table below you can use the filters. It is possible to search the key area or process that the tool uses – for example if it uses communication, or encourages participation from interested stakeholders. Or you can search by the stakeholders affected – for example trades people or decision makers. Finally, you can filter by specific energy efficiency measure – for example insulation or air conditioning.