United Kingdom

There are three private entities for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) registers are maintained in the United Kingdom: for England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

At the centre of domestic energy saving policies in England, Wales and Scotland, is the Green Deal programme. The Green Deal promotes detailed in-home assessments and linked programmes of financial incentives, approved products and installers.

Access to data: England and Wales

In England and Wales, the Energy Performance of Buildings register, for which the Department for Communities and Local Government is responsible, holds all of the data for:

  • Energy Performance Certificates (domestic and non-domestic);
  • Display Energy Certificates;
  • Air Conditioning Inspection Reports.

Not only do individual consumers have access to their private information concerning their EPC, it is also possible to access the information publicly: for certain organisations in the public and private sectors use the data in their field of expertise.

EPC data can also be made available for the planning, targeting and promotion of energy efficiency programmes, for research and for policy making purposes. It can be made available to central government departments, NGOs, local authorities and academics for these purposes.

EPC database system in Scotland

The Energy Saving Trust, on behalf of the Scottish Government, hosts the Scottish EPC database system, which has been running since 2006. Currently there are 1.16 million EPCs in the database that are being uploaded by energy experts.

Individual EPCs can be accessed by a report reference number and the generic data can also be made available to “authorised recipients” delivering energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives on behalf of the Scottish and UK Governments.

The data is used for statistics, strategic and infrastructural planning, subsidies and trend developments.