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Pilot Project Austria

WP3 builds on the analysis of EPCs undertaken in WP2.  An Austrian partner has developed an Energy Check Software for energy advisers, planners and tradespeople. Using this tool they will do the analysis of several buildings, based on issued EPCs, and give the result to the home owners.

Pilot Project Greece

CRES is the Greek National Agency for the promotion of renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and energy saving, and currently implements significant activities for the promotion the energy efficiency and supports the Ministry of Environment, Energy, and Climate Change on energy technologies and policies.

Pilot Project Italy

To boost the uptake of energy efficiency measures in buildings and stimulate behaviour change, ENEA is developing a user-friendly online tool referring to EPC schemes. Few mandatory inputs are required to obtain information on energy performance of the building/unit and the opportunity to learn more about measures; how to improve, reference to average cost savings per measure and to available incentives.

Pilot Project Slovakia

The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) has a strong relationship with the Union of Towns and Cities of Slovakia (UTCS). Many local authorities have now developed strategies for retrofit under the Covenant of Mayors. In regards to that, UTCS has organized and is managing the Slovak National Covenant Networking Platform. Better data about the retrofit potential in their cities will help in the delivery of those strategies.