Home Energy Check Tools

Austria's Home Energy Check Tools

The HEC tool developed in Austria under WP3 can be accessed here: http://klimaaktiv-coach.at/

This tool is part of the climate protection initiative “klimaaktiv” with the focus of reducing CO2 emissions to reach the 2020 climate goals. The users are motivated to question their own energy-consumption behaviour and to commit themselves to energy-saving activities. To engage a wide public to these activities, the tool is directly linked to the social media network Facebook. The interface is kept very simple and the time requirement is low, so the tool can easily be used in-between: on your mobile phone, during a short break at work or while using your private computer. The message the tool delivers is: Everybody and every action counts, when it comes to climate protection!

Greece's Home Energy Check Tools

The Greek HEC tool was officially launched on the 18th of December 2015, embedded in the Greek HUB.

Available at: http://www.cres.gr/energyhubforall/HEC.html

The Greek HEC tool asks users to input a range of information about their house, including the archetype, the climatic zone and information about energy efficiency. The tool then provides a range of information about the measures that can be installed and the associated cost and carbon savings. Within the Greek hub, the tool links users to installers of the recommended products.

Italy's Home Check Tools

To boost the uptake of energy efficiency measures in buildings and stimulate behaviour change, ENEA developed a user-friendly online tool referring to EPC schemes, named 4ECasa: www.portale4e.it/4Ecasa/index.aspx, functioning in the Retrofit Hub from May 2017.

4ECasa promotes energy retrofit. Few mandatory inputs are required to obtain information on energy performance of the building/unit and the opportunity to learn more about measures; how to improve, reference to average cost savings per measure and to available incentives.