Monitoring of Retrofit Activities

Pilot Project Austria

There is no central database for monitoring refurbishment activities available. Therefore existing databases and available information from different sources will be combined to be able to monitor actual refurbishments. For this purpose AEA will cooperate with gizmocraft, the administrator of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) database, and the administrative office of the federal state Salzburg, which is administrating the subsidy system in Salzburg.

Pilot Project Italy

Regions in Italy are responsible for energy policy and for developing and implement energy performance certificates.
ENEA will develop a model methodology for monitoring building retrofit by analysing and integrating the EPC database of a leading Partner Region with other significant data. This will allow getting information on costs and effectiveness of implemented retrofit measures at the time that the benefits and opportunities from stakeholders’ access to the EPC database are being analysed. The aim is to build a retrofit monitoring model that can lead to a centralised national information system that is able to collect evidence from regional EPC databases.

Pilot Project Netherlands

RVO developed the national central EPC database and is now administrator of it. The database already contains over 2 million EPCs, including individual EPC characteristics like the calculated energy consumption. To get a more trustful insight in the meaning of the data of the existing database, RVO is planning to do a pilot to compare the calculated energy consumption of an EPC to the real energy consumption of the respective houses.

Pilot Project Portugal

The Portuguese energy certification system for buildings includes a central registry with the ability to check and control all data from EPCs. Therefore ADENE will be able to select certain regions and EPCs that already have EPC recommendations with the best energy savings and payback periods. This will be the key features that will help us to find the information we need. At the moment we have more than 800,000 EPCs issued, 90% of them are for domestic properties. We expect to analyse and to interact to at least 100 home owners per region, about 300 home owners in total.