Retrofit Action Hub

Pilot Project Belgium

The Belgian pilot aims at setting up renovation action platforms in close cooperation with the cities. Many city centres consist of old housing blocks that need drastic renovation to live up to current energy performance and comfort standards. By combining existing databases on energy performance of buildings with data input from homeowners’ knowledge is gathered on the current situation of cities’ existing housing stock. This data input from home owners will be gathered with online surveys and a door-to-door approach.

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Pilot Project Greece

The Greek HUB, named as “EnergyHUB for ALL”, is a web platform which acts as an interface between different stakeholders in the building sector, and serves as a market place to connect demand and supply side actors, as well as a meeting place and advice resource for refurbishment activities. “EnergyHUB for all” represents a tool in order to contribute to increasing trust and establishing a good reputation for the EPC systems among building owners, potential tenants and other market actors.


Pilot Project Italy

Hub platform 4E: one stop shop for building low-carbon renovation

ENEA will activate a hub platform on the ENEA website offering a meeting place, information resources and tools to citizens, trades people/professionals and policy makers, aimed at improving the uptake of effective low-carbon renovation measures.


Pilot Project Portugal

Development of a one-stop-shop to bring together all key players of the renovation process. The hub intends to be a self-sustainable platform based on the marketing that will be made by the companies that want to be present on the list of suppliers (builders) of the website. These incomes will be used to make marketing and dissemination activities near the different actors of the supply chain and bring more users (professional and non-professional) to the platform.

Pilot Project UK (Scotland)

The Energy Saving Trust has a very strong relationship with the Scottish Government and administers the EPC Register for Scotland. In addition, EST provides a range of services based around the EPC data in Scotland including making EPC data available to all Scottish Local Authorities. EST adds value to the EPC data by cleansing it, addressing erroneous records and systematic biases in the Register and by statistically modelling an EPC value for very property that does not currently have a real EPC.