Retrofit Action Hub

Belgium's Retrofit Action Hub

The Belgian Hub started from scratch. Its main goal is to raise awareness, a knowledge platform, with two main target groups: policy makers and service providers. The available information will support policy makers to undertake policy measures or incentive programs based on relevant information. In a second step, service providers will have access to leads of consumers interested in renovations in a certain area.

An important part of the information presented in the hub is obtained via the households. The active involvement of the households is going to be supported by the cities or the DSOs who are in direct contact and with a larger penetration. The collected data relates to the building situation, interest in renovation as well as family composition and energy consumption. As an incentive to fill in the data, households receive a benchmark of their energy consumption with the Flemish average consumption of similar building, similar family.

The information is collected via VITO who setup a public website for the households to input their data. Likewise VITO checks that all the data meets the high quality standard and confidentiality requirement demanded.

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Greece's Retrofit Action Hub

The Greek HUB, named as “EnergyHUB for ALL”, is a web platform which acts as an interface between different stakeholders in the building sector, and serves as a market place to connect demand and supply side actors, as well as a meeting place and advice resource for refurbishment activities. “EnergyHUB for all” represents a tool in order to contribute to increasing trust and establishing a good reputation for the EPC systems among building owners, potential tenants and other market actors.


Italy's Retrofit Action Hub

The R2A Italian Hub, Portale4e, aims to be a knowledge platform and a one-stop-shop for the 3 main target groups: policy makers, trades-people and professional, citizens. Main focuses of the Hub are:

  • Information: Standards, technologies, incentives, news. The Home Energy Check, named 4ECasa ( is a simple test for homeowners and tenants to verify consumptions and get advice on refurbishment opportunities and benefits was developed on purpose for this hub within REQUEST2ACTION.
  • Methodologies: Audit, assessment, monitoring, planning tools and methodologies. The R2A DIPENDE ( data-tool, Integrated Database of Energy Building Planning is available on the Hub.
  • Networking : the hub will be supported by a community that will contribute to the Portal contents and get visibility in return.


Portugal's Retrofit Action Hub

The Portuguese retrofit action hub, Portal CasA+ aims at responding to a market gap between home owners and energy efficiency solutions providers. The goal is to develop a one-stop-shop to bring together all key players of the renovation process, promoting a closer contact between the different actors, fostering the commercial relation between demand and supply, reinforcing market trust and boosting the easier adoption of energy retrofit measures.

The Portal CasA+ hub addresses homeowners, installers, energy experts, public authorities, insurance and banking (these two at a later stage), that can further reinforce the market support to the efficient uptake of these measures.

ADENE will oversee all the commercial interactions between the suppliers and the dwellers, assuring a smooth interaction and providing support throughout all the process.

Monitoring the implementation of the energy retrofit measures is the key point. To this end the hub allows the dwellers (or the solution providers) to register the installation of the energy retrofit measure in their private area, acknowledging the acceptance of one of the budgets received from a supplier or manually registering the installation from another source.

Quality monitoring will be assured via random surveys to both suppliers and dwellers, to track how their experience was around the hub, from the beginning of the interaction with the supplier, to the budget request and implementation process.

Scotland's (UK) Retrofit Action Hub

The purpose of the Hub in Scotland is to make EPC data, and other related data on the housing stock, available to the supply chain, local authorities, Scottish Government, public, universities and community groups in Scotland.

The Hub builds on existing work that EST was already undertaking with local authorities and the supply chain in Scotland to make EPC data available to them via a GIS platform.

EST undertook extensive consultation with the Scottish supply chain to understand their needs for data and what would be the most beneficial way for them to access the data.

Based on this analysis EST developed and demonstrated a pilot portal with the supply chain and received further feedback on this, in order to inform a portal to be included in the hub for WP4. The stakeholders involved from the supply chain were a mixture or large and small installers of energy efficiency technology, as well as a number of industry body representatives.