Portuguese Pilot Project

Improvement of EPC recommendations and energy renovation of residential buildings from the '70s and '80s in the Lisbon area, Portugal

The Portuguese pilot project will be implemented in collaboration with Lisboa E-Nova, the energy agency of Lisbon municipality, and will focus on one specific area of the city that will be chosen taking into account the energy class of its buildings. The starting point for the buildings under the project is energy class C or lower, and the final goal is to achieve energy class B or higher. Analyzing the database of the Portuguese certification system (SCE), we conclude that the buildings with greater inefficiency lies in the '70s and '80s, when there was no regulation on the thermal performance of buildings. It’s the buildings with these characteristics we will analyze in this pilot project. ADENE along with Lisboa E-Nova will set the number of building units / buildings to review and for which will be issued a first energy certificate (EC) with the study of improvement measures to be implemented. To make this, qualified experts have a vital role to play, once the detail of information placed in EC along with the tools developed are critical to the success and will allow to disseminate the project among the owners. After the emission of EC and recommendation of measures, local energy technicians will make the distribution of EC along with supporting documentation produced under the project REQUEST, aiming to highlight the benefits of the measures and how they could be implemented, giving technical assistance to all owners that decides for their implementation. In the beginning of the project along with technicians from the local energy agency, ADENE provides the support of stakeholders representing trade people in order to get the needed information for budgets and construction stage. The expected output is to define tools that can be used as a recommendation in future specifications documents to develop the rehabilitation carried out in the municipality of Lisbon and in the future other municipalities that wish to carry out rehabilitation plans.