Slovak Pilot Project

Increasing the uptake of energy consultations in Slovakia by means of the Energy „Minder“, an advisory training web tool for quality assured renovation processes

The key objective of the Slovakian pilot project is to develop an advisory training manual related to the building renovation process. This took the form of a web tool and is designed to provide expert guidance for the quality refurbishment process for different stakeholders, with a special focus on home owners, tenants, and their representatives (associations of residential home owners, housing cooperatives, housing management companies, etc.). The tool is called Energy “minder” for the major renovation of buildings. It’s easily accessible from the SIEA company website and is already in use for energy consultations in SIEA’s regional consultation centers. It identifies possible problems, pitfalls and barriers that may occur in different parts of the renovation process and advises how to avoid them thus helping to increase the pressure on the quality of the refurbishment in this way. It also offers some inquiry according to EPC’s and their importance regarding the improvement of energy performance of buildings.

Activities undertaken so far:

  • Organization of workshops and seminars focused on the improvement of energy efficiency in households. They facilitated meetings with home owners, tenants and their representatives.
  • In cooperation with specialized experts from different parts of the renovation process, detailed information about the quality standards for the refurbishment process in Slovakia has been gathered and processed.
  • Launch of the web tool (web site) called Energy “minder” for the major renovation of buildings.
  • Collection and analysis of feedback from various stakeholders has been undertaken and this has been used to adapt the tool according to needs.
  • The web tool is actively in use to provide energy consultations in SIEA’s regional consultation centers.

Key lessons learnt:

  • Energy consultations carried out using the Energy “minder” for the major renovation of buildings represent an important opportunity for increasing the awareness of the target group in the refurbishment process in Slovakia.
  • The main strengths of the tool (from the feedback gathered) are user-friendliness, accessibility and practicality, all three are highly valued.

After finalization of the REQUEST project, SIEA will further develop the web tool. As an administrator it is able to constantly update the tool in accordance with the technical and regulatory developments in Slovakia. It will allow SIEA to continue to provide expert energy consultations via its regional branches on a long term basis.

The energy certification of buildings in Slovakia often addresses the question of its importance. To get the EPC is not cheap and many of builders or building owners still consider it as only one of the administrative burdens with the lack of importance. Energy certification of buildings in Slovakia must be made before the sale of the building, in case of building rental, before the completion of new building or the major renovation of the old one.

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) attempts to develop a training module for different a stakeholders, which is going to be based on the EPC recommendations. One of the main efforts is to help to improve the quality of the major renovation of buildings, so they can lead to the real, practical improvement of their energy efficiency measures, which can be based on certain pre-known values. The pilot project will also try to point on the usability of the EPC recommendations and their practical use and importance for the building renovation.