Review and research

Bridging the gap

Quality framework

As a part of the REQUEST project, dena – the German Energy Agency – developed a quality assurance methodology for energy efficient refurbishment. This methodology could form the basis of a quality label to ensure that planned energy efficiency upgrades have been delivered in practice, and could help identify homes that have been refurbished to a highly energy efficient standard.

Piloting and evaluation

Assessment of 11 pilot projects across the EU addressing increasing uptake of Energy Performance Certificate recommendations & quality in the supply chain

The overall goal of the project REQUEST is to activate actual renovations based on recommendations in EPCs (Energy Performance Certificates) and to raise the quality of the supply chain in the renovation process. REQUEST involved a series of interlinked work packages.


This report summarises the national and international dissemination activities undertaken by all project partners during the course of the REQUEST project by means of conferences and workshops. The report contains the following sections:

  • Overview of dissemination activities as scheduled in the work plan
  • Summary of the national dissemination activities undertaken
  • Specific international dissemination activities