REQUEST Pilot Projects (2010-2012)

Creating a building typology for refurbishment of large scale residential buildings for the Viennese building stock

Increasing awareness on potential energy savings by tailor made advice coupled with EPC procedures in Flanders, Belgium

Increasing awareness with home owners, raising energy efficiency and quality standards for the energy renovation of large scale residential buildings in Bulgaria

Impact of knowledge centre activities on the uptake of energy efficient renovation - illustrated by ProjectZero uptake in the municipality of Sonderborg, Denmark

Testing the REQUEST quality framework in 30 low carbon housing renovation projects in the Münster and Leipzig region, Germany

Energy renovation of a low income neighbourhood in the wider Athens area, Greece, with involvement of unemployed inhabitants, recruited and trained as installers and maintainers for their building

Italian stakeholder engagement and best practice monitoring in the public sector for energy efficiency in existing buildings

Setting up collaborative initiatives to engage tenants and property owners in the  energy retrofit of large scale residential buildings with communal ownership in Warsaw

Improvement of EPC recommendations and energy renovation of residential buildings from the '70s and '80s in the Lisbon area, Portugal

Increasing the uptake of energy consultations in Slovakia by means of the Energy „Minder“, an advisory training web tool for quality assured renovation processes

Development and testing of room by room energy efficient retrofit guidance and training material for tradespeople and homeowners in the UK